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Emma chose this song because of his Scottish heritage and his sheer determination for not giving up when so many people didn’t have faith in him.

He comes out wearing a kilt, just like he plans to at his wedding. Dance is a balance, you lost your posture and technique (everyone boos).

I enjoyed it, it was entertaining but you need to work on technique. You gave a tango like no other but the tango is not skippy; you went for the character and lost the style of the dance.

Carrie Anne: There is something so much fun about you.

We now jump right into the Iconic Dances from seasons past! Judges’ comments – (Tom says he had never been more nervous in the entire 25 seasons).

Len: It was fun, but it was like a pizza, crusty on the bottom but quite tasty on top. You captured the spirit of the dance but it was more croquet than rocket; the timing and sharpness are not your strength.

Judges’ comments – Len: Lindsey, I think you’re a talented dancer, wonderful extensions through it, you blew me away; it was a really fabulous performance. There was so much beautiful, deep, primal movement in that dance. Scores – Carrie Anne: 10 Len: 9 Bruno: 10 Total: 29/30 Frankie Muniz and Witney Carson – Salsa – “Shake” by Yin Yang Twins & Pitbull.

Scores – Carrie Anne: 9 Len: 9 Bruno: 10 Total: 28/30 Lindsey Stirling and Mark Ballas – Contemporary – “Head High” by Alexander Jean.I saw all the shades of all the emotional qualities that made that dance fantastic. I loved the little bit where you were walking through the air. (She admits her parents had no idea she did this but admits they are the wind beneath her wings).Scores – Carrie Anne: 9 Len: 9 Bruno: 9 Total: 27/30 Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold – Argentine Tango – “Brother” (feat. Lindsay chose this song because Jordan is an older brother to Cory and Trinity.We are introduced to the 5 semifinalists, and learn in the second round of competition, they will have to recapture the magic of an iconic dance from a past season; all of these routines earned perfect scores and for many were performed by a couple who went on to win the Mirrorball Trophy.Drew Scott and Emma Slater – Tango – “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by The Proclaimers.

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