Consolidating cubase 4

There are several other applications, plug-ins, and VSTs that you’ll be dealing with at the same time too.

So, a good computer should handle all these tasks without crashing or freezing with every click.

A laptop or desktop with Intel Core 2 dual processor may also offer you some service as you wait to upgrade.

However, it’ll be extremely slow leading to lots of frustrations down the road.

Again, ensure that it stays updated to the latest software for optimum performance. Having braced your studio computer for the best performance, the next step will be installing the music production software aka DAW.

Some of the best studio laptops come ready for the job and don't require so much tweaking.

Irrespective of which route you’ll follow, what’s important is a computer that you can rely on.

But most importantly, our aim is to show you on how you can do it without breaking the bank. At this stage, the recording studio is a small setup either in your bedroom or garage.

Here, all you need is just a few inexpensive items to get your feet wet. That is, you don’t want it to sound as though it was recorded in a crammed up garage or bedside any longer.

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