Dating unavailable men

Does he promise to help you move or give you a lift when your car is in the shop, but when the time comes he’s nowhere to be found.Does he agree to attend functions or outings with you and then turn around and do a no-show?Are you unsure if the guy you’re seeing is emotionally unavailable?Check out these signs and hopefully you’ll be able to come to an accurate conclusion.shutterstock He’s difficult to catch up with Have you ever dated a guy where it was almost impossible to consistently get in contact with him?There will be one week where you two speak every night for hours on end and then he doesn’t return any of your calls or text messages for the following month? According to a 2011 mental health article featured on, the emotionally unavailable are more than likely physically unavailable to the people in their lives as well.There are 5 strange reasons why women do this: Falling for a man who is emotionally unavailable allows you to sidestep vulnerability because you know, from the get-go, that the relationship won’t go anywhere.Maybe you do this because you’ve been hurt in the past and don’t want to be hurt again.

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It’s a step that says “I believe that we have potential and I trust you enough to introduce you to the people who mean the most to me.” If you’ve been dating a guy for a substantial amount of time and he still seems pretty reluctant about meeting your family or allowing you to meet his, relationship experts suggest that this is a sign of emotional unavailability.Ah, tall, dark, and emotionally unavailable — most women have found themselves attracted to this type of man from time to time.Other women find themselves attracted to this type of man at all times. Why do some women keep falling for the same type of dead-end dude over and over again?thinkstock He pretty much tells you he’s not ready When a woman is interested in a man, she is tempted to rationalize any and all of his actions to fit in with her wants.For example, when a man tells her he isn’t ready to be in a relationship, shouldn’t that explain everything?

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