Easter table dating table

The beautiful, green stemware is vintage, Marie found it while antiquing.

Marie found the bunny mugs and appetizer plates in Home Goods this year.

Please do not link up table settings that were just recently shared in the last few weeks for Tablescape Thursday.

This sweet bird will make a precious decoration for your Easter table.

Have your children help you set the table, if they are old enough. Look at the table and count out how many low-level mini centerpieces you’ll need and gather your vases.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful suggestions, tips and recommendations regarding traveling and touring Europe.

This year I won’t be shopping for “new” tablescape items, because I’ll be using what I have from last year’s Easter table setting. Have your kids help you count out and get out the stemware, dishes, and silverware. It restores sanity to what could be very expensive, without sacrificing and taking away from the joy of the season.Tip: Daffodils are a member of the narcissus family.Once cut, their stems excrete a substance that is harmful to other flowers so it's best to always place daffodils in an arrangement by themselves. What you'll need:• Eggs • Craft paper • Craft paint• Hot glue• Small vine nest• Specked egg candies Easy steps:1. Let the kids help finger paint the eggs and set them to dry on lollipop sticks.3. Attach the wings and beak to your eggs with hot glue.5.Perch mommy on a small vine nest (available at most craft stores) and fill nest with candies.

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