Groupwise inbox not updating

In addition, you can run GWCheck to fix more difficult problems the client can’t handle.See The user performs an action in the Group Wise client but does not see the results of that action.If you want to forward your messages to your own cell phone, you need to contact your carrier to determine the e-mail address of your phone.If you want to send a message to someone else’s cell phone, you need to know the e-mail address of that person’s phone.If your system is configured with DNS names, these must be resolved to IP addresses by the client as these features are used.For each unavailable DNS server (IP address) that precedes an available DNS server in the configured search order, the client experiences a delay while timing out waiting to resolve DNS names.If your Group Wise administrator has configured Web Access as described in .

The Group Wise client automatically fixes most problems it detects with archive databases each time it starts. The Home view is a new feature in the Group Wise® 7 Windows client. This functionality is being provided by your Web browser, not by the Web Access client.Consult your Web browser documentation for instructions on disabling this feature.​Group Wise resource mailboxes cannot be logged in to, using regular user/password credentials.To migrate resource mailboxes, you must therefore use a trusted application key, which allows a single account to log in to all Group Wise mailboxes.​There are more complex scenarios where a Group Wise shared or resource mailbox has no user name associated with it, and it can only be logged in to using Group Wise "proxy access".

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