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With 60 million users and 50 billion page impressions every month, Craigslist maintains a vibrant, active online community filled with job ads, discussions, classifieds and personals.With so many people making use of the lightly moderated system, it's inevitable that people will use slang and acronyms in their posts.Of interest, dating sites are full of specialist abbreviations, which have their roots in a time when personal ads featured in local newspapers and users were charged by the word.(A term like HWP would incur a fee for just one word while offering a fair amount of statistical information.) HWP is typically seen as an entry in a list of personal attributes.It is understood by many that when a poster claims to be “HWP” that they’re actually overweight, but don’t want to say it.Craigslist posters may try to hide their real weight by not giving a weight, but claiming to be HWP.When used in a full sentence, HWP is mostly used like a predicative adjective (i.e., after the thing it describes), but occasionally it is used as an attributive adjective (i.e., immediately before the thing it describes).For example: Of note, HWP is an initialism abbreviation.

Experienced users of dating sites will tell you that HWP usually means the person is slightly overweight but not obese.

Many common acronyms -- for example, AA -- can mean different things in different situations.

The Craigslist community does not maintain an authoritative dictionary of common terms, so you'll need to read the post or ad in its entirety to infer the abbreviation's context.

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