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Her material success can be measured by her RM22 million home in Ipoh, her 22 luxury homes, her more than 10 luxury cars and the jewellery that she is constantly adorned with.“I’ve gone through failures and losses, but it only made me more determined to work harder for this life and the hereafter.However, even with a steady monthly income as a teacher, she had a strong desire to run a business.She eventually decided to start a business in the field of beauty and grooming and enrolled in a grooming course.While doing business, she had been sabotaged, cheated, slandered and while failure upon failure was experienced.The hardships, however, compared little to the pain she felt when she lost two of her four children in a fire three years ago.She discovered from a young age that business was a good way to support herself.She made good pocket money selling kacang putih (legumes) and nasi bungkus (packed rice meals) to school friends.

She then spent RM100,000 advertising her products in a local magazine and the remaining RM400,000 on advertising on private radio and TV stations. “The magnitude of the financial loss took a toll on me, to the point that I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. “As someone who likes to experiment, I tried coming up with my own remedy to treat my blood pressure, using gamat (sea cucumber), known for its cooling effect and pomegranate, which is high in antioxidants. That year, I managed to sell only 500 bottles of Pamoga,” she said.However, Hasmiza refused to be let down by the trials she endured.With hard work and tenacity, she rose against the odds to become what she is today.To improve their skills, she decided to set them up for a challenge.“In my classes, they would cut each others hair and do facials for one another. So I bought RM15 chairs and brought them to a supermarket where I asked them to offer free facial treatments to the public.

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