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She just doesn’t when it comes to love and dating) are not logical.  A woman would use this time to “screen” a guy out if he acted creepy or nervous, had a terrible phone voice, or otherwise made her feel “bad” on the call.

A girl’s not sitting there with a spreadsheet, doing an analysis of the different guys she could be dating, so she can decide who she’s going to see on Wednesday night. Let’s recap: when a girl decides she wants to go out with you, it’s a decision that’s driven by her feelings and emotions towards you. You called someone, and either they picked up, or you called back. Those one or two phone calls were the only “data points” she could use when deciding if she wanted to see a guy again.

Things might go great all the way through the first date, then get ruined when you’re asking her out on the second date. The following critique came from a client – this was the text exchange the day after he slept with a girl for the first time.

He tried to be cool and nonchalant, but actually came across like a dick. Can you check your bag/car for my cell charger?????

I know you were trying to sound nonchalant, but it just came across as insensitive. But in general, if someone is telling you that you should call a girl instead of texting her, you can pretty much ignore them. And make no mistake – most guys just don’t have the power when they’re trying to get a girl to go out with them. A girl’s text message inbox is one of the most efficient “guy screening” tools ever invented.

I’ve told you once already, but it bears mentioning again: after a woman has given herself to you, make her feel GOOD about it. Given how “narrow” of a channel texting is, you’re already at a disadvantage. So woe be upon you if – with this very narrow communication channel – you can’t make her feel good about you.

Before text messaging, asking a girl out used to take place over a single, 20-minute phone call. You can send a crappy first text, and ruin it from the start.

So by the time your first text to her arrives, her feelings about you have changed. So her feelings towards you – and whether she went out with you or not – would depend on only one or two phone calls.

Our screw-ups, awkward texts, and failed attempts are the hot topic of conversation on girls night out.

But with this report, and all of the material I’m putting it out on texting, I want to change that. Sure, there are some artsy poet laureate’s out there who “just get it”… The good news: there are some amazing breakthroughs in psychology that are going to turn the tables in your favor.

The text messages to the 22-year-old Virginia woman arrived during the day and night, sometimes 20 or 30 at once. Police have charged Love's ex-boyfriend, George Huguely V, also 22, with first-degree murder and allege that he removed her computer from the crime scene as he fled. "The advances in technology are assisting the perpetrators in harassing and stalking and threatening their victims," Kirkland says.

Harassment is "just easier now, and it's even more persistent and constant, with no letting up," says Claire Kaplan, director of sexual and domestic violence services at the University of Virginia, which became the focus of national attention in May with the killing of 22-year-old lacrosse player Yeardley Love.

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