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So I would answer no, with maybe a quarter of that answer being yes.

So when you add it all up, I score somewhere between borderline addict and regular stoner.

The odd biochemical disruption of the previous mutant strain of marijuana passed entirely.

Though that’s a typically frustrating and noncommittal answer, the doctors also provide a useful tool for self-diagnosis by citing the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (, addiction refers to use of a substance that causes the user significant impairment or distress, and is associated with at least three of the following effects within the same 12-month period…" They list seven criteria.1.That limited record of success forces me to say yes.Two-and-a-half points for the addict, one-and-a-half not.5.I got higher than I ever had in my life—a deep, soul-sucking high that, after about two weeks, began to enervate me until I couldn’t get off the floor some days, so then I smoked some more and it got worse.I found myself sinking into the deepest depression I’d ever felt. My Wellbutrin prescription seemed to fail entirely. Finally, I came to terms with the fact that the weed was doing this to me.

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