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Dating platform eharmony has released the findings of research the company recently conducted into the role humour plays in romantic compatibility.It is part of a new strategy from eharmony to integrate the subject of humour into its matching system, by identifying different types of humour and connecting singles based on this. All that matters to you is that you’re surrounded by good vibes. I love to explore and love biking with friends and family. As a matter of fact, your ideal bike ride has nothing to do with ability level or style. So, here are a few ideas that can help you achieve just that: PRISSY-PANTS (mostly d) You dynamic, full of energy, and love shopping! Let us know what you’re up to this Valentine’s Day in the comments below! On that note, we hope you enjoyed our fun suggestions and we wish you and your loved one plenty of love this Valentine’s Day!

They're master flirters who go after whatever boy they want and, more often than not, get him.

In the coming months, eharmony plans to begin integrating humour matching into the platform, allowing users to take this meme survey and compare their results with potential matches.

The California company will also continue to research how humour affects initial chemistry when two people meet in person for the first time, and how this relates to long-term compatibility.

After analysing the results, eharmony scientists were able to define six types of “reactive humour”, which were: Respondents’ humour scores were then used to predict their communication over the first thirteen days after profile creation, results showing that respondents who found wordplay humour funny sent more initial messages than any other humour type, and were also significantly more likely to be viewed by other users.

eharmony also discovered that those who idenfied with wordplay or physical humour were most likely to communicate with others, whereas those with a surreal style of humour were the least likely to communicate.

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