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But the thing is, this blind man down in Bermuda, he never stumbles. And I completely agree with Laurie about a Perfect Day for Bananafish. Scott, author of Voo Doo Daddy, which is available on No doubt that Richard Price is the biggest omission, but I love Irvine Welsh's dialect (and even with American characters, the dialogue is spot on). I always feel like I am sitting in the middle of a conversation I shouldn't be hearing when I read his books, especially the Pine Cove based ones.He stands up really straight and he knows where everything is. And for as sparse as the dialogue is in The Road, Cormac Mc Carthy was still able to evoke so much emotion in the few words his characters did say. ' I want a castle,' Francois said, ' I want 6 children and a big fat wife.' ' Why do you want all those things? ' So when I lose at gambling somebody will talk to me. Instead I said, ' We must go to the racetrack together sometime.' ' WHEN? ' We'll do it soon.' ' I have a new system.' ' We all have.' ' Start somewhere...' ' I don't have the guts. Let's join this jolly group here and have some more to drink.' ' That's your answer to everything: drink.' ' No, that's my answer to nothing.' Updike and Bellow also used dialogue to that top level. I disagree with Morrison, although her dialogue outweighs her prose and storytelling. It might not be so called literary gold, but this man is my hero.And his ears are always focusing in on stuff.'' With all due respect,' my father said, 'this is not the time or the place for that kind of business. One of the best written dialogues I've ever read is in, "A Perfect Day for Bananafish," in Nine Stories. Two very different writers who both blow my mind, writing in almost opposite styles: 1. Now when I lose at gambling nobody talks to me.' I wanted to suggest that when he lost at gambling maybe a fat wife and 6 children might not talk to him either. also a very well written book, with some really odd-ball characters.Why don’t you sit down now, and announce your plans after I’ve finished with the sermon? Of course there's Catcher, but ALL his works, though few, have amazing dialogue that's so real and rich with character history. Joseph Heller - Catch 22 Alone with Milo later, Major Major felt protest stir for the first time and he said he would prefer to continue eating with the other officers. ' I don't see what there is to work,' Major Major argued. There's not really much plot, but it's a road trip from Arkansas to Belize with the main character searching for his runaway wife. This is an exchange between the main character in "He may have invented some special kind of clamp but he didn't invent THE CLAMP.Think of readers in general, and whether you think that what you have to offer might help someone.Forget the [email protected] I assumed that feeding someone a line derived from acting (possibly related to the work of a prompter) or to comedy where someone the comedian is fed a line that sets up a terrific comedic response.

Here are ten authors who can create a conversation that crackles.This is what I was hoping to write: Outside of scientific, governmental, and mathematical applications, the only way in which you would do what you suggest is in dialogue: Joey said, "I realize that Aline is your apprentice slash roommate, but isn't she also your lover slash confidant? Just use and: Two weeks ago, one student brought up the word slash as an example of new slang, and it quickly became clear to me that many students are using slash in ways unfamiliar to me.In the classes since then, I have come to the students with follow-up questions about the new use of slash.Church is not the place to vote anyone in or out of public office.'' In my bag, in the car.' She felt his hand slip from her arm to her hip and rest there and she said, ' You know you don't have a chance of making it. I wouldn't have trusted this list without Elmore Leonard on it. I will never undertsand how he did it and I will forever be in awe of him. Anything in "Still Life With Woodpecker" or "Jitterbug Perfume". ' Nothing ever happened before.' ' You were never the squadron commander before.' ' Major Duluth was the squadron commander and he always ate at the same table with the rest of the men.' ' It was different with Major Duluth, sir.' ' In what way was it different with Major Duluth? ' Some people think you Henry Fonda,' Milo answered. It's just not the same with you as it was with Major Duluth.' 2. The principle of the clamp was probably known to the Sumerians.Guards are out here already, they'll stop the car.'' I timed it to slip between the cracks, you might say. Now you listen and this time you got to remember so we don’t get in no trouble. I also think Hemingway belongs there, but even before Hemingway--Mark Twain. ' ' I wish you wouldn't ask me that, sir,' said Milo. ' Well, I am not Henry Fonda,' Major Major exclaimed, in a voice quavering with exasperation. And even if I do look like Henry Fonda, what difference does it make? Charles Bukowski - Hollywood (but anything could serve as an example) Francois walked in. You can't go around saying this fellow from Louisiana invented the clamp." Maybe not in the top ten, but I have always been a huge fan of the dialogue in Douglas Coupland's novels.

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