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Cillian O'Connor isn't prolific enough from play on the big days; Aidan O'Shea simply didn't score enough when it mattered; Andy Moran's best days were behind him.Of all the predictions to be proved wrong, few would have honestly believed Moran would be the one to throw egg on my face.In doing so he would scoop the Footballer of the Year award along with Sam Maguire.Major issues over transparency in the implementation of the anti-doping regulations have arisen after it emerged that Kerry footballer Brendan O'Sullivan served a ban for violating the code last year.Sportspeople deemed guilty of taking an illegal substance are liable for a four-year ban but it's understood that O'Sullivan's suspension was set at six months after Sport Ireland - who run the anti-doping programme - accepted his explanation that the rule violation was unintentional.O'Sullivan was tested after last year's Allianz League final.Rightly so, as there has never a been a player to represent them with such painstaking dedication and commitment.The nostalgic romance surrounding Galway's hurling success last weekend momentarily turned us all into a Galway hurling admirer.

With 3-21 to his name, he is the leading scorer from play in this year's championship.

As he grasped himself in agony, excruciating screams of pain were clearly audible over the sedated play that continued around him.

The dreaded cruciate knee injury was soon confirmed, and while Mayo would go on to overcome a hungover Dublin in the semi-final, Andy's loss would be severely felt in the final as a forward line lacking any cohesion failed to fire and they went down to Donegal.

As Down attempted an attack down the Cusack Stand side, Andy, well out from his full-forward position, put in a tackle that typified his commitment and work-rate.

Twisting awkwardly, a nearby microphone picked up the sickening crunch of Andy's knee.

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