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She has held the ball for a year and forcing her to drop it remains the best hope for any upset. Gallegos, who is a former political reporter for the ABQ Tribune and a top aide to Gov. He should be able to restore some of the trust the media and public have lost in the truth-telling ability of APD.Keller's belief appears to be that putting a civilian PR expert into the mix will ensure that the department puts its best foot forward but also sheds the overly protective and bunker mentality that has infected the department's community relations.He said: "I feel that happens a lot with British comedies.They're short-lived but make a big impression."The last time we saw the boys was in 2014's 'gap yaaar' movie , which followed them travelling around Australia. Since the show, James has started his own You Tube channel focusing on gaming.Martinez has a new political action committee working to boost her popularity called Legacy PAC.It reminds me of Legacy.com, the site that lists all the obituaries. THREE NOT TWO It's true as we blogged Wednesday that two NM lieutenant governors became governor when chief executives died.Will there be more shoes to drop and casualties claimed? The general public barely notices but the insiders marvel at how these expensive campaigns launch so early.

And the budget for the year starting July 1 could have a million hole. That's the "strong city" Mayor Berry says he left Keller? BALKY COUNCIL Then there's the balky city council--or at least some of it.

They proposed a bill, released it to the press and did not even consult the Mayor. Or was it just some muttering he made at a council meeting? STRANGE DAYS One of the stranger spectacles occurred when Keller outlined the city's budget woes before the Economic Forum, a group dominated by Republican businesses and contractors. She is the wife of Diego Espinoza, who was the 2016 GOP opponent of Sandoval County area Dem State Senator John "Landslide" Sapien. In 2012, according to Ballotpedia, Sapien won election by a margin of only 161 ballots and in 2008 he squeezed out a 121 vote win.

Here's the money quote from Keller's confines: The sponsors failed to notify the Mayor’s Office before the proposed ordinance was released. And Councilor Harris explains his AWOL by saying the projected deficits are never as bad as first predicted. Like the city council, the group went mute for 8 years as ABQ became a crime and drug-riddled metropolis with people fleeing and out-of-state businesses avoiding us like they would the smell of a skunk. PADILLA BOUNCED In different times state ABQ Senator Michel Padilla might have survived as a legislative leader following his withdrawal from the lieutenant governor race because of decade-old sex harassment charges. So Saturday the Senate Democratic Caucus, meeting as national political and entertainment figures continued to bite the dust over sex harassment, ousted Padilla from his majority whip position, furthering his descent down the political leader. Speculation about Padilla's successor centered on ABQ valley Senator Linda Lopez who Padilla once ran against in a Dem primary and who now heads the Senate Rules Committee.

An anemic economy failing to produce enough revenue to run the city, a balky city council and a years-long timetable to recruit even just 100 more APD officers.

Those are the lumps of coal in Mayor Tim Keller's Christmas stocking.

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