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He will always be remembered for his strength, generosity, guidance, love, and honesty. Forever in my Kyle, Hayden, born 07 Juine 1995, died 18 February 2016 in Knoxville, Tennessee, USAOur Remembrance And I'd choose you; in a hundred lifetimes. Pruitt, Marcus, born 12 October 1972, died 02 February 2012 in Birmingham, Alabama Our Remembrance I am Marc\'s sister.in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I'd find you and I'd choose you. Lucky are we Feinberg, Elliott, born 27 October 1980, died 06 July 2011 in Los Angeles, California Our Remembrance Rest In Peace El, I love you and miss you everyday... Mom Lampman, Cody Aaron, born 4 June 1987, died 22 January 2001 in Michigan USAOur Remembrance A day does not go by that I don\'t think of you. He was and will always be absolutely precious to me.Jacob, Linda Marie, born 30 October 1985, died 20 January 2012 in Austin, Texas Our Remembrance What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. ~ Helen Keller Kenny, Martin, Sr., born 10 August 1979, died 21 September 2014 in Ledyard, Connecticut Our Remembrance He was a loving husband and father to his wife and son Jr. We will forever miss his incredible wit, his amazing intelligence, his warm and caring heart and we his infectious laughter will echo in our hearts the rest of our time apart from him. Giesler, Nicholas, born 21 January 1993, died 07 February 2012 in Austin, Texas Our Remembrance Our precious Nico left us just weeks after his 19th birthday.Leeanndra, Woeckener, born 8 February 1968, died 21 April 2007 in Vermont USAOur Remembrance You are terribly missed every second of every minute of every day. He was always smiling and joking, and everybody liked him. All the memories of all of us together, whether running drills in rotc, catching up on things at lunch, and just having a great time with all of our friends.Scott would do anything to help a friend or family member in need, and often did so. Mc Gee, Matthew Clyde, born 26 June 1992, died 22 April 2015 in Lenoir, North Carolina Our Remembrance All my love, my precious son. You were always there to listen to any of us, no matter how foolish the situation might be. Yesh, Zandra, born 10 January 1990, died in League City, Texas USAOur Remembrance We will always remember your laugh, your smile, your caring heart.He was a great listener, and most things he had good advice to give on; because he had already been or knew someone that had been through it. He is leaving behind his 2 daughters, Gracie, 9, and Emma, 8. She was a Sunday school teacher and an entrepreneur.She ran a couple of businesses and one of those businesses was running a shelter/Inn for rabbits that she felt needed a place to stay when their owners went out of town, knowing that dogs and cats were cared for..knew rabbits were not given the same consideration.

Love you forever, Like you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be. Unfortunately alcohol grabbed him while we were teenagers and never let him go!!Toth, Michael, born 03 March 1983, died 09 November 2010 in Langhorne, Pennsylvania Our Remembrance I love you all the lovins in the whole wide world \'cause you\'re the best and you\'re my baby - forever and always! I considered cropping my own infant face from this photo, yet in a sense we who are left on the shore are all also aces of suicide. Berryhill, Noble, born 20 March 1995, died 20 March 2017 in Tulsa, Oklahoma Our Remembrance Noble Berryhill was a beautiful soul. He was a well rounded athlete, fitness trainer and loved being a big brother to his little sister. My only salvation is that you have peace now with dad. She had an infectious smile, and a contagious bubbly personality.Love, miss and need you, Mike George, Erick Michael, born 14 April 1978, died 04 April 2001 in Pennsylvania, USAOur Remembrance Your absence has gone through me like thread through a needle. She is missed and loved by so many people, and will be remembered always.She was on meds for a couple of years and took herself off of her meds three months before she took her life. Asleep in Jesus blessed rest in which one never wakes to weep.She lost her battle with Bipolar when she dove off of a second floor balcony. Cambron, Jonathan Paul, born 03 August 1989, died 26 October 2014 in Buckeye, Arizona Our Remembrance Jonathan Paul Cambron was a loving, and caring whole hearted husband and father who truly had a heart of Gold. "God saw he was getting tired, and a cure was not to be, so he wrapped his arms around him, and whispered, "Come with Me, a golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands put to rest, his garden must be beautiful, he only takes the BEST." Rader, Cody, born 23 January 1998, died 15 June 2015 in Dallas, Georgia, USAOur Remembrance Our beloved son and brother.

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